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WhisperClaims announces the launch of its new Enquiry Support Service

March 2, 2023

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WhisperClaims, the award-winning Fintech company specialising in R&D tax claims software for accountants, today announces the launch of its new Enquiry Support Service, which is designed to empower accountants when dealing with R&D (research and development) tax enquiries, and provide extra reassurance when responding to HMRC.

With HMRC taking a more rigorous approach to compliance within the R&D tax relief scheme, enquiries are becoming more commonplace across the sector. Some accountants are receiving HMRC letters for the first time, and this can be daunting – but with the correct support and approach, enquiries can be overcome.

WhisperClaims has expanded its offering to include a new Enquiry Support Service for accountants using its software to deliver robust R&D tax claims for their clients. Using the service, the WhisperClaims team of R&D tax experts will provide guidance and support to customers who have received a letter from HMRC to ensure that they understand how to respond to any questions. The team will also review the written response from the customer, providing advice on whether or not HMRC’s concerns have been addressed.

The Enquiry Support Service aims to build accountants' confidence when dealing with R&D tax claims in-house, empowering them to respond proactively and ensuring that their clients are getting the best possible advice and support. The service has already had excellent feedback from WhisperClaims customers.

Mike Dean, Managing Director, WhisperClaims, comments: “Understandably, the R&D tax credit procedure is different compared to other areas of tax law. R&D tax can be more ambiguous, and with HMRC's introduction of stricter R&D tax processes in April 2023, it is crucial that accountants are supported and given the right guidance.

“With access to our new Enquiry Support Service, accountants can be reassured and given the confidence that they need to deliver R&D tax services in-house.“

This support service is available on any claims that have been prepared using WhisperClaims’ software only.

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