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Wise card launches in Canada – Affiliate Partner Update

December 1, 2021

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Wise card card in Canada

The Wise card has finally landed in Canada! If you and your audience shop online, travel, or do business abroad, this little green card will save you money. Our card is part of the Wise account — a multi-currency account that lets you hold and convert over 50 currencies, all in one place. If you have the local currency in your Wise account, the card will draw from that balance. If you don’t, it will auto-convert the currency that's cheapest.

With the Wise Card, our personal and business customers can:

  • Spend abroad directly from their Wise account, without the hidden fees
  • Benefit from the** mid-market exchange rate** and low fees when spending money in foreign currency
  • Use the card in 200 countries, spend online or in-person in 150+ currencies
  • Hold and convert in 54 currencies
  • Spend with Apple and Google Pay
  • Withdraw anywhere (cannot withdraw in Canada)

Learn more about the Wise card

How much does it cost?

Personal customers can get the card for $10 CAD first order, $5 CAD to reorder. Plus get access to 3 virtual cards for free.

Business account customers can get this card for free.

What is withdrawal ATM limit and cost?

You can take out money for free abroad twice a month — as long as the total amount is under the equivalent of 350 CAD.

After that, we’ll charge you the equivalent of $1.50 CAD per transaction. This is a fixed fee. If you take out over 350 CAD in one month, we’ll charge you 1.75% on top of that. More information about ATM fees here.

Note: currently the card does not support cash withdrawal in Canada, only overseas

Have questions about the Wise card? Go to our FAQ

4 things you can do with the Wise card

Shop online internationally with Wise

Banks usually charge 3-6% on foreign money transfers. We charge 0%. And since you can use your Wise card globally, every dollar you save in fees can go towards what you buy online internationally. Our card allows you to transfer money locally and internationally while being able to spend online all over the world.

Get your holiday on

This one is for frequent travellers. With a Wise card in your wallet you can pay directly from your account in any currency. Forget about complicated conversion fees, our team has set up smart tech that will always auto-convert to the lowest possible fee making money transfers simple. So you can pay for holidays as if you were from the country you’re visiting.

Pay for business expenses and get paid

With Wise you can get paid from over 30 countries across the world and hold money in up to 50 currencies. Meaning you don’t have to be limited by your location and you can expect to get paid globally, not just locally. Pay for business expenses, say yes to that next freelance project and expect rates that are up to 4 times cheaper than most other providers.

Make living abroad easier

A lot of the time, when moving country, you’ll need to jump through hurdles before you can get a hold of a bank account. With low conversion fees, borderless spending both online and offline and the ability to spend like a local, you can set up shop wherever you want without having to worry about the technicalities. International money transfers to Canada and beyond don’t need to be complicated.

There’s so much you can do with a multi-currency account and one of our Wise Cards. Read more about it here!

How do we compare to competitors?

An independent researcher compared Wise to 3 Canadian banks and other money transfer providers.

Spend: They found that Wise is on average 4x cheaper for spending C$500 abroad.
Withdraw: Fees to withdraw C$500 from an ATM abroad are on average 3x cheaper with Wise
Send: Wise is on average 4x cheaper to send C$500 abroad

As compared to only Banks in Canada, Wise is:

  • 3x cheaper for withdrawing funds from ATMs
  • 4x cheaper to send CAD to USD
  • 6x cheaper to send CAD to EUR

Suggestions on how to promote the Wise card

Below are some suggestions on how you could look to promote Wise’s Canada card launch:

  • Update any existing Wise review pages to include mention that card is now available in Canada
  • Create a dedicated article specifically focused around Wise card review Canada
  • Create comparison content comparing Wise’s card to traditional local Canadian travel cards
  • Create content around travel money saving tips for exchanging money or spending money abroad
  • Create content around tips on how to save money when shopping online from ecommerce stores in the US or China

You can create deeplinks to our Wise card in Canada landing page.

Why leave it there?

To find out more about Wise

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