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Wise partners with Frontier: accelerating permanent carbon removal

May 2, 2023

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Wise is proud to announce our participation in Frontier, an advance market commitment to accelerate the development of permanent carbon removal technologies. Our pledge to purchase carbon removal demonstrates Wise’s continued commitment to climate action.

"Wise is proud to further our partnership with Watershed by participating in Frontier as it helps to accelerate permanent carbon removal," said Harsh Sinha, Chief Technology Officer at Wise.
"As a mission driven company, we are guided by the needs of our customers and know climate action is important to them. We look forward to supporting the transformative climate technologies Frontier is spearheading.”

Founded in 2022 by Stripe, Alphabet, Shopify, Meta, and McKinsey Sustainability, Frontier aims to accelerate the development of global carbon removal technologies by guaranteeing future demand. With its rigorous, science-backed vetting process for its suppliers, Frontier is leveraging technologies with long-term carbon capture potential. We’ll join Watershed’s first cohort alongside Boom Supersonic, Canva, SKIMS, Aledade, and Zendesk.

“Wise has long been focused on understanding and acting to reduce its carbon footprint,” said Watershed co-founder Christian Anderson.
“The Wise team's participation in Frontier to accelerate the development of permanent carbon removal is the next step in its global climate leadership.”

As many of our customers and employees live global lives, we’re taking responsibility for the impact we have on the planet. Wise began conducting comprehensive emissions measurements in 2019, became carbon neutral in 2020, used clean power in our offices in 2021, and has committed to achieving net zero. These carbon removal purchases via Frontier, in tandem with emissions reductions, will help Wise achieve net zero in the future.

Wise now serves 16 million customers worldwide, empowering these individuals and businesses with a transparent way to move and manage money globally. In the spirit of this transparency, we are committed to addressing our responsibility beyond finance. To help achieve this, we have joined Frontier to play a crucial part in the global net zero transition.

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