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WorkGuru Release Notes - July 25 2022

July 25, 2022

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Custom Dashboards

This release includes the ability for clients, and individual staff (if they have permissions) to create custom dashboards in WorkGuru. A new set of widgets is available for Dragging and Dropping onto the Dashboard and we've prepared two videos on how to set up your dashboard.

Watch this video - to learn how to configure your own personal dashboard.

Watch this video - to learn how to configure a default dashboard for all company users.

Reports v2

Nearly all reports have now been migrated to our V2 Pivot Grids. Tonight's update also incudes the ability to export the pivot as a raw CSV.

Line Item Discounting Added

All product lines across Quotes, Stock Sales and Projects now have the ability to add a percentage discount to the line item.

Merged PO - Original PO Visibility

Merged Purchase Orders now let you see the original PO's that were merged into the combined Purchase Order from the details page.

Xero Sync - COGS detail available

An Update to our accounting integration lets you look at the individual transaction details going into your Xero COGS journal. This can be viewed from the COGS section of the Xero integration dashboard. Additionally, it is now possible to sync specific month's COGS from this dashboard.

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