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Xero and TriNet provide full-service HR solutions to U.S. small businesses

August 20, 2020

We’re thrilled to announce a new integration for Xero customers in the U.S. with TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resource solutions for small and medium-size businesses. TriNet allows businesses to focus more time on their people and growth by providing access to industry-tailored human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation, payroll and a technology platform to help manage HR needs in real time.
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Xero’s integration with TriNet helps businesses save time and maintain accuracy. It also allows clients to securely transfer payroll and HR data between the systems. After running payroll, TriNet creates journal entries based on mapped accounts, and allows businesses to push them into the Xero general ledger.

How does TriNet work with Xero?

The new integration eliminates the need for businesses to manually create journal entries, and also enables Xero customers to:

  • Manage data efficiently and securely: You’ll mitigate the likelihood of errors with direct synching and exports that help provide secure and accurate data transfers.
  • Save time: Exporting payroll from the TriNet platform eliminates the need for manual and duplicate entry, giving you more time back to focus on your business.
  • Keep records up-to-date: Automated reporting each pay period makes it easy to sync to Xero and gain visibility into your financial needs for payroll. This helps you to identify discrepancies and immediately address them.
  • Experience greater flexibility: With self-service general ledger mapping enabled through the integration, you can streamline the mapping process on your own time without the need for manual uploads or waiting for support.

Many small businesses are strapped for resources, including time and finances, and most go into business to focus on their passion. Xero’s integration with TriNet allows business owners to spend less time on payroll and back-end financial management and more time on doing what they want to do and love to do — whether that’s expanding operations, hiring new staff, or managing work-life balance.

To get started today with Xero and TriNet, visit the Xero App Marketplace or learn more here.

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