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Xero invoicing: how we’re building a smarter, more flexible future

March 27, 2024

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We recently announced that we’ll be retiring the older version of our invoicing product — classic invoicing — on 2 September 2024. We know you have plenty of questions and concerns about this change, so we thought we’d share an update on what’s happening behind the scenes.

The good news: our teams are busy building a new invoicing product that is going to give you far more flexibility and customisation in the future, with beautiful checkout experiences and unlimited payment methods. It’s also built using the latest technology, so we can roll out more of your Xero Product Ideas over time.

Building new features you love

We’re seeing so many great ideas about what invoicing features you’d like to see in Xero. Unfortunately, we can’t roll them out in classic invoicing because of the limitations that we face with the older technology (think of it like trying to plug an electric charger into a classic car).

Our new invoicing solution is a flexible and scalable solution that’s built on the latest technology, so our teams can build the features you need now and in the future. And believe me, we’re really focused on delivering these for you! Some of the features we’re working on at the moment include:

  • adding multiple delivery addresses on an invoice
  • requesting partial payments and deposits via invoicing
  • more customisation of invoicing templates and on repeating invoices
  • improved control and smarter scheduling of reminders
  • easier statement creation and statement payment capability

The changes we’ve made so far (and what’s next)

In addition to this list of features exclusive to new invoicing, there are a number of features from classic invoicing that we’re planning to bring across to the new version. We know these are extremely important to you, and want to reassure you that many of these will be available before September.

So far, we’ve already introduced the following improvements to new invoicing:

  • Copy information from invoices to quotes
  • Option to ‘Create another invoice’ once an invoice is approved
  • Add ‘Reference’ when adding a payment without an extra click
  • Option to ‘Send receipt’ after a payment is added to an invoice
  • Quickly create and save a contact on the fly without extra clicks
  • View item code on the ‘View invoice’ page
  • Paste numbers with commas or dollar signs into line items
  • Delete line items in just one click

Many of these changes are in response to your feedback about the design and usability of new invoicing, and our teams are working hard to make sure these will improve your processes and workflows.

We’ve given you plenty of time to keep exploring new invoicing, as we roll out new functionality. Remember, you can keep switching between the two versions until classic invoicing is retired on 2 September 2024.

Keeping you informed, every step of the way

As members of our community, your feedback is extremely important and we are committed to keeping you updated on our progress as we move towards September, including a release log on Xero Central (coming soon).

As always, we encourage you to share your ideas in Xero Product Ideas, and our team is also here to give you a hand if you have any questions or need support.

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