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You can now make contactless payments up to £100, to make paying more convenient

October 25, 2021

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Starting today, we've increased the limit for contactless card payments from £45 to £100. So you'll be able to make single payments of up to £100 using your contactless Monzo card.

All banks and card providers across the UK are doing this, to make paying smoother and more convenient for you.

Monzo notification saying "£72.59 at Tesco. You've spent £94.59 today."

To keep you safe, we'll ask you for your PIN after you spend £200 through contactless

We’re also changing your cumulative limit, so you can get the most out of the new £100 limit for single transactions, while keeping your money safe.

From today you’ll be able to spend a total of £200 using contactless, before we ask you to put your PIN in. This could be two £100 payments, five £40 payments, or 20 payments for £10, for example.

Monzo notification saying "Please use Chip & PIN next time you pay, to help keep your card safe."

The cumulative limit is an important way we (and all banks) keep you safe while using contactless

Asking you to insert your card and enter your PIN after you spend a certain amount lets us regularly check you still have your debit card and you’re in control of your account.

When you're close to this limit, we send you a notification to let you know we're going to ask you to insert your card and enter your PIN again soon.

(You can check how much you've got left by tapping 'Manage' then 'Limits' in your Monzo app.)

If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, nothing will change. You can still pay for transactions without any of these limits. That’s because we're able to verify you using your fingerprint or Face ID, so we can be confident it’s you making the payment.

Monzo card in Apple / Google Pay

We keep your money safe while using contactless

You'll keep getting instant notifications whenever you pay with your Monzo card.

If you get a notification for a payment you don't recognise, you can immediately freeze your card in-app to stop any further payments (and un-freeze it if you end up recognising the payment!).

Frozen Monzo card

If you're the victim of fraud, or if you spot transactions you don't recognise on your account, please let us know by tapping on the transaction you don't recognise, then selecting "Something wrong? Get help" at the bottom.

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