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Your work day just got a whole lot easier: XBert’s latest feature release.

February 11, 2021

You asked, and in true XBert fashion, we delivered.
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Dedicated in our mission to making work life easier for bookkeepers everywhere, we have just released a new feature to streamline the way you work. You can now add attachments and links to Tasks, Templates and Schedules within XBert.

This feature release has taken our practice management solution for bookkeepers to a whole new level – and we’re not stopping there. XBert was created with the mission to not just streamline task and process management for bookkeepers by automating your office tasks – but to also help reduce manual tasks, while giving complete visibility over financial data.

We believe this is the future of what people should expect in a task management tool: not just the ability to automate your daily tasks, but to reduce manual workload, ensure data integrity and facilitate simple client collaboration, all in one spot. And that’s why we are always committed to evolving with the needs of our users. This latest feature release is another way we’re making work life easier for bookkeepers everywhere.

Now, while working on your daily Tasks in your Workboard or Client Console, you can link or attach any relevant document or image to individual tasks. Simply use the ‘Drag & Drop’ function, or alternatively, click the ‘Add’ button as searching through your computer.


We’re proud of our already extensive feature set for bookkeepers looking to streamline their workflow, standardise their processes, automate checklists and maintain data integrity. However, we are always committed to helping bookkeepers evolve their professional services and so, our development roadmap is extensive. We pride ourselves on working closely with our users to deliver the features that will make their work life easier. Find out more about that here.

How XBert makes bookkeepers lives easier

Because XBert uses sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms to audit and analyse financial data, cross-checking it with our data warehouse and others to identify risk, discrepancies and anomalies, we are able to alert you in real time to tasks that require attention – before you may even realise there’s an issue. Our tricky XBerts (eXpert Business alERTS) will not only alert you to the task but also contain a deep link directly to the issue in your accounting software.

With one click you can resolve or assign to someone to take over. And now, you can add any relevant documents or images. You will no longer waste time on manual work checks, audits or time-consuming rework. It’s all about helping your work life easier as simple as we can, while maintaining data integrity. And that’s just the beginning.

XBert CONNECT for advisors comes loaded with best-in-breed processes that you map to XBerts and your custom tasks for effective workflow management and visibility. You can customise these processes specific to the needs of your practice by editing them or adding your own.

Once you’ve setup workflow processes you can create templates mapped to those processes, for all your common workflows like end-of-month, reconciliation or tax prep. This ensures consistent, high-quality service delivery for your clients. Client collaboration has never been easier with our email integration. Simply forward emails into your client task dashboards, map it to a process, and assign it as you send it. The email is transformed into a new task where you can comment and assign back to your client, ensuring you have a neat trail of correspondence.

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