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Zoho Announces Early Access to CRM for Everyone, Democratizing CRM Across Teams on a Single Platform

June 26, 2024

Zoho CRM for Everyone affords every team in any company its own space to actively contribute and accelerate customer growth and improve CX.
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Zoho Corporation , a leading global technology company, today previewed Zoho CRM for Everyone, a new set of capabilities aimed at democratizing CRM to all teams involved in customer operations activities. Zoho CRM for Everyone allows sales teams, the primary custodian of customer relationships, to communicate and coordinate from a single place various customer deliverables across areas like solutions engineering, contract management, sales enablement, customer onboarding, and advocacy. These capabilities stand to improve visibility for every stakeholder in the customer journey, mitigate gaps in coordination, reduce turnaround time, and improve the quality of the customer experience.

"Modern CRM strategies demand that the entire enterprise contribute and orchestrate actions around revenue-driving motions that require visibility and collaboration across teams," said Liz Miller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. "This is what stands out about Zoho’s vision for CRM for Everyone. This is a solution that meets the modern sales and engagement strategy, reaching beyond the stagnant notion that CRM is a record or a database…it puts CRM at the center of the project called Revenue. It applies connected collaboration and a project management mindset to the operations of building durable customer relationships through cross-functional actions in order to seamlessly drive more profitable relationships with customers.”

"Traditionally, the CRM system has been built by IT and built for sales workflows," said Mani Vembu, Zoho's Chief Operating Officer. "Over the years, it has accumulated a wealth of customer context, but access to the CRM is strictly rationed, and teams are forced to operate on their own islands with limited context. This is fundamentally antithetical to a great customer experience. Zoho CRM for Everyone breaks down those silos for the first time, enabling different teams in a sales process to contribute productively by reducing CRM complexity and encouraging participation."

Zoho CRM For Everyone enables account managers, for example, to pull in a solutions engineer to coordinate a great product demonstration for a customer. A specialist can track the step-by-step rollout of the onboarding experience for each customer. A marketer can perform win-loss analysis for specific deals. A community specialist can manage advocacy engagements like case studies. All of these different activities can be managed within the CRM with deep customer context and cross-functional visibility. They may all use different core applications for deep work but can now converge on the CRM for managing shared responsibilities towards the customer.

To make this possible, the following underlying capabilities have come together in Zoho CRM:

Team Modules

Business teams can create their own team-level data modules (in addition to organization-level modules) by themselves while being governed by IT teams. Team Modules can have their own fields, permissions, workflow automation, and other customization that is specific to each team. These modules are housed within a dedicated space for each team. Together, this helps unite all customer-facing processes onto a single platform enriched with complete customer context.

Requesters Profile

When a team member needs a deliverable from, or the contributions of, a colleague from a different team, they can simply raise a request in the appropriate team module. Such Requesters can track the status of their own requests, eliminating any guesswork involved in collaborative work.

Refreshed User Experience

To enable this fundamental shift in usage, the interface of Zoho CRM has been redesigned for better usability across roles and functions. Teams can organize their data within modules and modules within Team Spaces. Users can switch between these quickly and adopt no-code or low-code experiences to manage their workflows without core IT skills. With this release, Zoho CRM is also making a major stride in accessibility with capabilities covering areas like vision, motor activity, and interactions.

Zoho CRM For Everyone not only opens up CRM access cross-functionally, but also empowers every team to manage their own workflows autonomously within the corporate IT framework. It is the first true democratization of the CRM paradigm. Over the following weeks, Zoho will add more capabilities to Zoho CRM For Everyone that make CRM the nucleus of all customer operations and enable a wave of CX transformation.

Pricing and Availability

Starting today, early access to Zoho CRM for Everyone is available upon request for Zoho customers worldwide. Zoho will be releasing additional capabilities to CRM for Everyone over several weeks during the early access phase. To request early access, please visit:

Zoho Privacy Pledge

Zoho respects user privacy and does not have an ad-revenue model in any part of its business, including its free products. The company owns and operates its data centers, ensuring complete oversight of customer data, privacy, and security. More than 100 million users around the world, across hundreds of thousands of companies, rely on Zoho everyday to run their businesses, including Zoho itself. For more information, please visit:

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