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Zoho Books users can now use end-to-end receivables automation

December 3, 2021

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Zoho Books users can now easily carry out their accounts receivables process using end-to-end automation, without losing the personal touch with their customers. Through Chaser's latest integration with Zoho Books, small and medium businesses can optimise their process using the market-leading receivables software.

Chaser’s automation currently saves users like fashion wholesalers Love Brands up to 15+ hours per week and ensures unpaid invoices are politely and proactively chased until full payment is received. For a complete run-through of the integration and features, learn more in our Zoho Books launch webinar here.

Zoho Books users can now carry out end-to-end receivables automation in one system, without losing the personal touch with their customers.

Chaser for Zoho Books features, benefits, and capabilities include:

  • Quick, fast and easy-to-implement cloud-to-cloud integration between Zoho Books and Chaser.
  • Seamless integration with your Zoho Books accounting software, with automatic syncs between the two systems, ensuring you are always working with the most up-to-date data.
  • Automated and highly personalised invoice chasing, ensuring that users maintain great customer relationships whilst getting paid faster.
  • The two-way sync between Zoho Books and Chaser reconciles payments in both systems, so that paid invoices are no longer chased.
  • A receivables communication tracker automatically summarising all invoices, customers and conversations - including replies - in one central location.
  • Automated “thank you for paying” emails for customers who have paid.
  • Users’ customers gain access to a dedicated Payment Portal, offering multiple payment options in one place.
  • Problem invoices can be escalated within the Chaser software directly  to Chaser’s integrated debt recovery service, with all actions trackable within the software.
  • Users can use the Chaser app  to offer payment plans to their customers, dictating amounts, intervals and automatically chasing installments.
  • Credit checks on customers are available within the software.

Zoho is a business software provider that helps businesses grow, and has over 70 million users worldwide and 50+ products. If your business uses Zoho Books, see how you could be saving time and getting invoices paid faster with receivables automation.

Chaser is the only fully integrated accounts receivable automation, debt recovery and outsourced credit control service available to SMEs. The cloud-based software offers a single online system to help businesses track down slow payers, get debtors to pay up and increase your company's free cash flow. Chaser has helped businesses recover billions since 2014, helping SMEs worldwide recoup unpaid invoices faster, with deeply personalised payment reminders sent automatically via email.

Business isn't stressful when you're paid on time. With Chaser's flexible, end-to-end accounts receivable automation platform, Zoho Books users will get paid sooner. Chaser's automation tools give you a human-first approach to managing debtors and collecting payments; working in harmony with your existing accounting system.

Ready to get stuck in? Get started with receivables automation for Zoho Books with 14 days free.

Save time on accounts receivables

Zoho Books users can expect to see huge time-saving results from implementing Chaser. For example, users like wholesaler Love Brands were able to operate with a credit control team of just one, compared to previously hiring multiple, full-time credit controllers in an outsourced team. Their Credit Control Manager Love Brands runs their department single-handedly, and is saving over 15 hours every week with Chaser, whilst conveying the same friendly tone she would with customers in her manual emails.

Easily recover debts

By integrating a receivables automation tool like Chaser to your Zoho Books account, you can optimise the methods, and the timings you use when chasing your customers. Additionally, you can take a far more proactive approach to chasing late payments - with your Chaser software staying on top of every late payment automatically for you.

At Chaser, we know that taking a polite, proactive approach pays. The experiences of Chaser users are a testament to this. For example, from simply sending out one set of automated, polite payment reminder emails using the software, one of our users was able to recover £20,000 in old debts in just 30 minutes.

Get invoices paid faster

Not only does integrating your accounting system with Chaser make recovering debts easier, but it also makes it faster. By implementing an effective credit control tool, Zoho Books users can also expect to get invoices paid faster. For example, users like Docuflow have minimised late payments and get their invoices paid 54 days faster since implementing Chaser.

Chaser helps you manage your customers with an automated invoice and payment chasing system. With a seamless integration to Zoho Books, send professional, branded reminders to get paid faster. To see a full run-through of how Zoho Books and Chaser can support your business' accounts receivables process, join the Zoho Books launch webinar.

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