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Car Insurance, coming soon in Ireland

March 22, 2023

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Drive smart, save smarter. That’s what you’ll get with Revolut Car Insurance – no frills, no fuss. We’re launching this Spring, and from 22 March 2023, customers in Ireland will be able to join the waitlist.

Plus, all Revolut customers that sign up to the waitlist by 13 April 2023 and buy a policy will get a chance to win €2,500! Terms and conditions apply.

Revolut will be the first to provide an app-based car insurance journey in Ireland. We’re revolutionising the insurance market, making insurance easy and more convenient for you.

No need to leave the app to fill out forms, or check out the terms and conditions. It’s all smoothly layed out in-app, you’ve never seen a car insurance so easy to get. Here's a rundown of what you can get with Revolut Car Insurance:

Save up to 30% on Car Insurance

Choose between Third-party, Fire and Theft, or Comprehensive cover, no hidden fees. Pay only for what you need with flexible coverage and excess options. Plus, you can choose between annual or monthly payments. Your car, your choice.

Get on the road in a few taps

Say goodbye to boring online forms, Revolut Car Insurance is here to save your day. Get a quote in-app in less than five minutes. No need to answer tons of questions, just a few easy ones to help you pick the right insurance coverage for you. All in a few taps, all in-app.

Drive smarter, save even more

If you appreciate safe driving, this one’s for you. With our Smart Driving option, safe drivers can save up to 25% more while buying car insurance, and even more during their renewal. Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll let you in on all the details very soon!

Here’s how you can join the waitlist:

Revolut customers can sign up to the waitlist in-app by 13 April 2023, by using this link on your phone.

Make sure you have the latest version of the app to join the waitlist. If you’re not a Revolut customer yet, you can download the app, open an account, and join the waitlist by 13 April 2023 to get a chance to win €2,500! Terms and conditions apply.

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