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Let’s make your day a little easier with Quotient’s ‘Waiting’ feature

July 8, 2024

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Ever felt like you’re juggling a bit too much at work? We’ve got something that might just make your day-to-day a bit smoother.

Our ‘Waiting’ feature in Quotient is here to help you keep things tidy and organized, no matter the project stage.

Here’s how it works:

  • On your Dashboard, you’ll see two tabs: ‘Active’ and ‘Waiting.’
  • Your quotes start out in ‘Active’ but when something doesn't need your immediate attention, you can move it to ‘Waiting.’
  • This way, you can focus on what’s urgent without losing track of other important stuff.
Quotient Dashboard - Active/Waiting

To move a Quote into ‘Waiting’…

Just check the box at the top right of the Quote. Uncheck it to move it back into ‘Active’.

Put a Draft Quote into Waiting

Here’s a quick rundown on how it can help

Starting off:
If you’ve got a new project but need to pause for client input or a meeting, just slide it into ‘Waiting.’ This way, you can clear some space for other tasks without losing track of this one.

In the middle:
Got a thumbs-up on your proposal but your client’s not quite ready to roll? No worries, let it hang out in ‘Waiting’ until they’re all set to proceed.

Wrapping up:
If you’re done but waiting on a final detail or two, keep it neatly in ‘Waiting’ until you’re ready to wrap things up. And when a job is all done? Just mark it ‘Complete’ to keep your dashboard clean and organized.

Many have told us that this little feature has been a game-changer, helping to maintain clarity and focus. Here’s how it’s making a difference:

Advertising Agencies:
They use ‘Waiting’ to clear their dashboard during weekly check-ins, focusing only on immediate tasks.

Wedding Planners:
With all the intricate details to manage, they use ‘Waiting’ to keep upcoming events organized without getting overwhelmed.

Heat Pump Installers:
They manage their installation schedules by moving jobs to ‘Waiting’ until it’s time to get going.

Why leave it there?

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