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Oncord Pricing Changes

January 18, 2024

A new Oncord Lite plan will be made available from March 1st 2024, alongside changes to Oncord pricing. We're increasing plan limits, eliminating overage fees, and making it easier to manage costs hosting e-mail with Oncord.
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Introducing our "Lite" plans

Starting from $5 per month.  Ideal for small community groups, sports clubs, non-profits and sole traders that have basic requirements.   Here are the details:

  • $5 per month for Website
  • 3G storage, 5G bandwidth
  • No access to source code (agencies have access)
  • Community support only via our new forum

  • $5 per month for Marketing
  • 1,000 email sends per month
  • Filters restricted to Groups only

  • $5 per month for Commerce
  • Limited to 15 products

Other restrictions may apply to advanced features.

Introducing our "Enterprise" plans

Starting at $2000 per month, our Enterprise plans feature an uptime SLA, priority support, SAML login for external apps and more advanced features.

Increased Bandwidth

Our standard plans now include more bandwidth, without cost.

  • Previously all plans included:         10G bandwidth
  • Now our business plans include:  15G bandwidth

Email Accounts Billed Separately

New pricing:  $5 per Email Account per 15G

Email accounts can be hosted with Oncord.  Previously, the storage of each email account contributed to your website hosting quota.  Modern email inboxes consume a lot of storage, and are a different class of storage to website and database storage.

We have decoupled email hosting storage from your website storage.  Email hosting will not count towards your website storage quota.

Each inbox now will cost $5 per month per 15G.  


  • One inbox using 5G costs $5
  • One inbox using 16G costs $10
  • Two inboxes using 5G each costs $10
  • Two inboxes using 16G each costs $20

Email Marketing Extras Billed Separately

Previously, we offered Small, Medium and Large "Add-On" packs which increased your website storage, bandwidth and email marketing sends all in one package.

We are no longer offering "Add-On" packs, but instead have tiered increments for "Website usage"; and tiered increments for "Email Marketing sends".

No More Overage Fees

Previously, if your site exceeded your bandwidth, storage or email allowance, you would be billed accordingly.  We no longer charge overage fees, instead your plan will be automatically upgraded to the next tier.  This ensures users are on the correct plan for their business and avoids bill-shock from excess fees.

Once you exceed your current plan's quota, our billing system will notify you and automatically upgrade you to the next billing tier.  You will be billed at the fair plan rate for your usage.  This removes the need for us to bill overage fees when you were on the wrong plan.

Users that had significant bandwidth and storage requirements can expect a significant reduction in cost.  Users that had significant email marketing usage can expect a slight increase in cost.

  • Per additional 10G Storage, 15G Bandwidth costs: $20
  • Per additional 10,000 Email Sends costs: $30
  • Discounted pricing applies for very high volume users.

All existing clients will be automatically migrated to the new pricing structure.
If you have any questions around the new billing model, please feel free to contact us.

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