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Run your business on the go with our new mobile app

November 3, 2022

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Do you ever want to take a quick squizz at your dashboards without having to boot up your PC? We've got your back. The Syft mobile app is here and free to download on either both Apple and Android phones! Just visit your mobile app store and there it is.

Why use the mobile app? ūüßź

The mobile app is secure, efficient, and easy to use. We try to keep Syft simple on your PC too, but, on a mobile phone, simplicity is non-negotiable. With our new app, you have the beauty and ease of understanding of your favorite dashboards sitting neatly in your pocket.

You can use the mobile app to grow your business, achieve your goals, and boost productivity - all without having to be in the office or anywhere near your computer.

Dashboards in the palm of your hand ūüĎč

Once you've installed the mobile app, you can log into your Syft account, or sign up if you don't have an account. And then, you're in!

You can now check all the financial metrics you want to on your daily/monthly/weekly dashboard - on your mobile! And it's then easy to show these dashboards to stakeholders, staff, and investors - even as part of a movie-style elevator pitch.

Why leave it there?

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