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Streamlining Identity Verification for Accountants and Tax Agents: Introducing IdentityCheck

Simple identity verification that’s easy for clients and helps meet regulations

Amid increasing regulations, Accountants face software and process overload. Discover an effortless identity-checking solution for seamless compliance.
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In today’s dynamic global regulatory landscape, coupled with the surge in data breaches, ensuring the integrity and safety of financial transactions has taken center stage. Notably, the Australian Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) has responded proactively, introducing fresh mandates for identity verification among tax agents and accountants, mirroring a trend of similar initiatives worldwide. This collective response seeks to thwart cyber fraud and bolster financial security. Nevertheless, the task of securely and seamlessly verifying identities introduces complexities that can burden both enterprises and their clients.

Traditional methods of collecting personal identity documents via email or online forms not only prove clunky and inconvenient for clients but also pose significant security risks. The documents often linger in email inboxes or shared folders, leaving them vulnerable to potential breaches. Moreover, the increasing stringency of global privacy laws has put the onus on companies to safeguard sensitive information, with severe penalties for data breaches looming large.

Enter IdentityCheck: A Revolutionary Solution

Stepping into this dynamic landscape, IdentityCheck emerges as a beacon of hope, navigating through the regulatory labyrinth. This innovative software has been meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of tax agents and accountants striving to maintain compliance. IdentityCheck presents an array of features that not only seamlessly meet the stringent identity verification requirements but also enhance security and convenience for both clients and firms.

Seamless Integration and Effortless Usage

IdentityCheck seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and HubSpot. It all begins with a single click on the ‘KYC Command’ box in XPM, effortlessly initiating the identity verification journey. This unified integration eliminates the need for additional browser tabs or extensive training, ensuring a fluid and efficient workflow.

Personalized Client Outreach: The Branded Email Experience

Once the ‘KYC Command’ is initiated, the power of IdentityCheck takes over. The next step is a carefully crafted branded email sent directly to your client. This email is more than just a notification; it’s an extension of your company’s identity. It assures your client that this verification process is a natural part of your commitment to security and compliance.

Explaining the Why: Clear Communication with Your Client

This branded email is your canvas to communicate directly with your client, explaining in your own words why this verification is crucial. Your message can highlight the increasing importance of security and the regulatory landscape, emphasizing that this step is for their benefit as much as yours. By fostering clear communication, the process becomes less a requirement and more a shared endeavor.

Empowering the Client: A Guided Experience

The guided WebApp requires no download and is insanely easy to use, walking your client through the process step by step. It captures their government-issued identity document and snapping a selfie – all in just 20 seconds. This guided experience empowers your client, making the process effortless and straightforward.

A Unified Identity Verification Journey

As your client completes the verification steps, IdentityCheck comes into play, deploying its AI-powered verification and security measures. Once the verification is successfully completed, the outcome and a link to the images used in the process are seamlessly updated in your system of record, be it XPM or HubSpot. This centralized approach ensures an accurate and reliable compliance record.

Testimonial from a Satisfied Firm

“Super easy to use, integrates well with CRM systems (i.e. XPM or HubSpot) and provides Proof of Identity verification without the painful process of notarizing documents” - Kent Pearce, Offshore Trading Company

Embrace the Future with IdentityCheck

As the global landscape tightens its hold on identity verification regulations, IdentityCheck emerges as a pivotal ally for accountants and tax agents. With its seamless integration, swift verification process, stringent security measures, and affordable pricing, IdentityCheck transforms compliance into a seamless, secure workflow benefiting both firms and clients. Embrace the future of identity verification and experience the transformative power of IdentityCheck firsthand.

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