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The planet’s most impactful business payment card.

We pay so the planet won’t.

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Climate change is complicated. Climate action can be simple, automatic even

CarbonPay is a sustainable fintech platform that offers the planet’s most impactful payment card and makes everyday climate action simpler for businesses. We all have a responsibility to make our impact on the planet as positive as possible, and businesses have an especially important role to play. Maybe your business is well on the way to net zero, or maybe you’re just starting out: wherever you are in your sustainability journey, the CarbonPay Business Ctrl card slots into your current environmental commitments and helps make everyday climate action simpler for your whole team. We’re here to support you on your journey to a greener future. 

Business expenses with a green lining

Every business has unavoidable expenses, which in turn have a carbon footprint. At CarbonPay we help businesses track and offset the carbon footprint associated with their business expenses. For every £1 / $1.50 your team spends, we automatically offset 1kg of CO2, at no extra cost. The CarbonPay Business Ctrl card is available in the US & UK and is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Customers can track the carbon footprint of each purchase in real time, empowering businesses to understand the environmental impact of your expenses and in turn, enabling smart, data-led decisions on how to reduce your carbon footprint associated with your business transactions. We break down your impact even further so you can analyze which department, project and category has the biggest carbon footprint. Stay in Ctrl all from your custom dashboard where you can track your impact, organize and manage your funds, cardholders, transactions and so much more. CarbonPay also offers integration with major accounting platforms, digital receipt capture and automated reconciliation to streamline your expenses and speed up your expense-management process. Even when you’re on the move, we have an app for that! Take climate action with you everywhere and do everything you can from your computer, just now in the palm of your hand. We also have a card for every wallet! We offer digital, physical, unlimited virtual and one-time-use cards for all businesses. We pride ourselves on being simple and transparent and we made our pricing plan coincide. Scale our platform to your business and add as many or as few people as needed: paying £5 / $5 a month per cardholder. With this fee, you gain access to an entirely new sustainable ecosystem. 

Backed by a world of expertise

Our climate action partners Climate Impact Partners, SeaTrees and Stripe Climate are experts at enacting projects that reach far beyond just planting trees. The projects we support vary from restoring coastal blue carbon ecosystems, to replacing cookstoves in Ghana with clean, green alternatives to looking into the future at innovative carbon removal technologies that include carbon capture and storage across the globe. Our choice of partners means you’re making a real difference to the planet right now, and way into the future. To see a more detailed list of our climate action partners and projects, visit our partners page on our website. Our carbon footprint tracking is powered by our partner ecolytiq and on the financial side, we are powered by Visa and Stripe to provide secure payment offerings to our users. In addition to helping businesses truly live their corporate social responsibility values, CarbonPay is committed to taking every avenue within our own business to be a force for good. With this framework, we are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, pledging to donate 1% of our annual revenues to nonprofits that drive real, measurable environmental outcomes. We are also a Pending B Corp® and a certified CarbonNeutral® company. 

Why Offsetting?

The great debate on carbon offsetting shouldn’t really be a debate at all. We acknowledge that while carbon offsetting is not a silver bullet, it is a powerful tool that plays a crucial role in combating climate change. Simply offsetting your CO2 emissions isn’t enough in isolation, it should be an addition to genuine, effective efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the first place. Carbon offsetting enables you to take action while transitioning to a lower-carbon future. To be clear, we do not stand for greenwashing; we support businesses that are truly passionate about taking action and driving a real impact, even those that are hard to decarbonize completely. That is why we also track the carbon footprint of each transaction and provide real-time analytics of your spending activity to help you make data-based decisions on how to reduce your carbon footprint going forward. Offsetting isn’t the whole answer, but it’s a vital step in the journey to making your business more sustainable and supporting this planet we call home.

Zeroing in on Xero

We’re on a mission to make climate action as simple as possible, and we’re not stopping at offsetting. What about all the leftover work once you’ve made a purchase, offset and uploaded your receipt? Don’t worry about it! We’ve made it possible for businesses using Xero to seamlessly sync their accounting software with CarbonPay. Be in control of your business expenses and climate action with CarbonPay and Xero integration. Save time and the planet. Plug in. Sync up. Simple.

Make every action a positive one

The fight against climate change can’t be solved by a handful of people, it requires systemic change and for everyone to take action. This goal inspired us to create CarbonPay, to help businesses around the world make a simple, but impactful change which will help us all in the fight against climate change. We turn every transaction into meaningful climate action by automatically tracking and offsetting CO2 every time you pay. It’s a simple, but important step towards making a real difference. Business expenses are an inescapable part of business operations; but they have a green lining when you choose to use CarbonPay. We transform every transaction into meaningful climate action. Every transaction has a positive reaction for the planet when you use our cards. Our vision is to build a sustainable ecosystem where every business plays their part in tackling climate change by creating climate action tools that fit effortlessly into day-to-day lives. As the world and tech continues to advance around us, we are looking within the industry, rather than out, to reinvent the way we pay so that not only the planet, but those living on it, thrive.

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