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XBert Launches in South Africa to Help Businesses Stay Compliant and Prevent Accounting Errors

May 3, 2023

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Today, XBert announced the launch of its innovative AI-powered accounting software solution in South Africa.

This platform will help businesses of all sizes stay compliant with VAT regulations, prevent costly accounting errors and reduce the risk of fraud.

The founders of XBert, Troy Brown and Aaron Wittman, have firsthand experience with the financial impact of accounting errors and fraud in their previous business ventures.

They created XBert with the vision of empowering businesses and accounting professionals to automate their accounting processes, streamline compliance, and stay ahead of potential problems with real-time alerts.

"XBert is designed to be the ultimate solution for businesses looking to improve accuracy, reduce fraud, and stay compliant with VAT regulations," said Troy Brown, Founder of XBert.

"Our advanced machine learning algorithms detect anomalies, discrepancies, and potential fraud in real-time, before they become bigger problems. Plus, our centralized dashboard streamlines workflow and simplifies compliance, making XBert the ultimate tool for managing VAT regulations and keeping your business running smoothly."

XBert integrates seamlessly with top accounting software platforms like Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB, making it accessible to businesses regardless of what software they use. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, and XBert's team of experts is always available to provide world-class support and guidance.

XBert is launching in South Africa with a Xero integration, helping South African Xero Partners to detect fraud and streamline their workflows.

XBert is the ideal solution for accounting and bookkeeping firms looking to improve accuracy, reduce fraud, and stay compliant with VAT regulations. This platform will help businesses save time, increase productivity, and prevent costly errors that could result in regulatory penalties.

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