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Xero On Air: The apps to transform your practice

September 8, 2020

Smartphone apps have transformed the way we live and interact with the world. From checking our bank balance on the go, to sharing videos with friends, even mundane tasks like managing the household shopping list – mobile technology has made our lives easier. The same goes for using apps to run a business. Apps can make business life easier too, from helping with everything from automating manual tasks, to getting invoices paid faster.
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If you’re a Xero advisor, you’ll already understand the magic of cloud technology to provide real-time, accurate information. And just like apps on your smartphone, Xero works best when it’s connected to all the things you need to run your business. In fact, our data shows firms who connect an app to Xero experience greater growth in revenue than those who don’t. And in the current environment, using the right technology for support can be more important than ever.

Xero’s app marketplace is stacked with over 800 best-in-class apps, but how do you get started with choosing the right technology for your practice?

Find out how in our upcoming Xero On Air episode

As part of Xero On Air, our new online content series, we’ve created an episode called ‘The Popular App Stack for Practice Success’, where we’ll be diving into the apps that advisors can use to transform their practices and add extra value to their clients.

I’ll be joined by Kaye Harding, our GM, Ecosystem Partner Experience, and Patrick Frigo, our Practice App Specialist. We’ll be covering a great ‘starter app stack’ (suite of apps) that accountants and bookkeepers can use to start experiencing the benefits of connecting apps to Xero within their practice.

We’ve broken this app stack down into five key areas:

  • Data capture apps – make it simple to get all the right financial information into Xero, without manual data entry.
  • Expense management apps – reduce the time spent on inputting, tracking and reconciling expenses.
  • Online payment services apps – help you get paid faster and more efficiently.
  • Practice management apps – designed to streamline the way you run your practice.
  • Forecasting and reporting apps – help predict how future cash flow might look and create detailed financial reports in just a few clicks.

Putting it into practice

We hope you’ll come away from this session with the confidence to get started using an app stack in your own practice.

And once you’ve gained experience using apps, you can check out our app advisory resources. They’re designed to set you on the path to success by recommending the right apps to help your clients unlock more success with apps too.

We’ll give you a rundown of these in the episode, but if you want to get a head start, you can check out the app advisory resources, which include our Xero app playbooks and industry-specific courses available in Xero Central Learning.

And in the meantime, you can visit the Xero app marketplace, where you can explore all of our 800+ third-party apps and quickly narrow down apps by industry and specific functions.

We hope to see you in the episode soon!

How to connect:

Make sure you tune into the ‘Popular App Stack for Practice Success’ episode, which you can find under ‘The Future of your Xero Practice’, available for viewing from Monday 14 September on Xero On Air.

Xero On Air is our free to watch digital content series connecting our community in a brand new way. Join accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners from around the world, and tune into a range of topics from your office, your living room or wherever you happen to be. We’re sharing advice, insights and actionable tips for managing right now, to what’s next.

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