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Xero Summer Series: Ignite your potential in 2024

November 28, 2023

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Accountants and bookkeepers, join us for Xero Summer Series

Get ready to soak up the summer vibes at the Xero Summer Series – a new event that promises to set the stage for success in 2024.

We’ll be turning up the heat in February and early March with a sizzling blend of keynote speakers and networking, set against the sun-kissed landscapes of our vibrant cities – Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

As we await the return of Xerocon Australia in 2025, the Xero Summer Series promises to start your year off with a fresh perspective. Xero Roadshows will be back in August and September, offering even more opportunities for growth and connection.

Hear from our brilliant lineup of guest speakers

Kicking off the afternoon will be Louise Southall, our Xero Economist. Louise will be on stage to share how macroeconomic trends impact small businesses and their advisors. “I love nothing more than talking about economics and small business, so I’m very excited to be doing a deep dive into our latest Xero Small Business Insights data at the Xero Summer Series,” Louise said. “I’ll also talk about how accountants and bookkeepers can use this information when engaging with their own clients. This series is a fantastic way to kick off the year, and will help attendees set-up for success in 2024.”

Bernard Salt AM will then take the stage. As one of Australia’s foremost social commentators and business analysts, he’ll outline the case for a bigger, better, more prosperous Australia. Excited to join us at Xero Summer Series, Bernard said, “Australians are adaptable, aspirational and irrepressibly optimistic about the future. I will make the case and present evidence to show why I have confidence in the future of Australia. Come along and say hello!”.

Next up we’ll be joined by Dr. Amantha Imber, an organisational psychologist and founder of Inventium, Australia’s leading behavioural science consultancy. The session will stir your creativity and explore innovative ways of working. “I am so excited to be presenting at the Xero Summer Series. I’ll be sharing science-backed and practical tools to help innovate the way you work. If your work days feel like a game of whack-a-mole, then I guarantee you’ll leave with some tools that will help you take back control,” said Dr. Imber.

In Sydney and Melbourne, Xero’s tech strategist James Bergin will give us a glimpse into the future. “Tech is moving at such a rapid pace, that a small business might look very different in the next decade or so,” he said. “As an accountant or bookkeeper, it’s important to understand how these technologies have the potential to transform your clients’ needs in the years ahead.” We will have another special guest from Xero delivering this session at our Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane events.

Guiding you through this sun-soaked afternoon will be our MCs, three dynamic members from our Australian Xero Partner Advisory Council – Aly Garrett, Jason Robinson, and Sarah Lawrance. Their infectious energy will ensure that this afternoon is not only insightful but also a whole lot of fun.

Unleash your potential, save your spot now!

Why should you attend the Xero Summer Series? This isn’t just an event; it’s an investment in your personal and professional growth. Imagine leaving this event armed with insights from industry experts, strategies to innovate your work, and practical tools to overcome daily distractions. Secure a spot at your closest Xero Summer Series event, where you’ll not only bask in the brilliance of thought leaders and innovators but you’ll also have the chance to mingle with the vibrant Xero Partner Community. Don’t miss this chance to kick the year off with insight, empowering growth and new networking opportunities! Register now.

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