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Tired of saying, ‘We can’t help you with that’?

Danny Bateman of SeedLegals explains how accountants can use legal-tech software-as-a-service to offer more value to clients.
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Want to make your accountancy practice more attractive to new and existing clients? Add more services and become a one-stop shop for startups and small businesses.

But how do you do that without hiring specialist staff? By partnering with SeedLegals, you’ll be able to offer a more comprehensive, integrated service for startups and SMEs. You do the accountancy tasks; your client uses SeedLegals for extras. You can choose to add SeedLegals as white label software to your existing digital services, or give your clients discounts for SeedLegals and claim a referral fee.

Offer more with innovative legal-tech

Established in 2016, SeedLegals is an online platform which combines automated legal documents with friendly, personalised help from a team of experts. Since 2020, the company has worked alongside accountants to provide clients with a seamless, affordable service.

Over 50,000 companies have used SeedLegals to grow and scale faster. As well as straightforward business legals such as employment contracts, company policies and board management, the legal-tech service helps founders and business owners with the pivotal moments that matter:

  • Secure S/EIS Advance Assurance
    Do S/EIS compliance

    Two thirds of all SEIS and over half of all EIS Advance Assurance applications are done on SeedLegals
  • Claim R&D tax relief
    In 2022, SeedLegals helped clients successfully claim an average of £43,000
  • Set up option schemes
    Get an EMI valuation

    One quarter of all UK EMI schemes are designed and managed on SeedLegals
  • Do a funding round
    Take an investment

    SeedLegals is the UK’s number one closer of early-stage rounds in the UK with over £1 billion raised to date. The company pioneered ‘agile funding’ to help companies take one-off investments outside funding rounds.

Make clients happy - and boost profits

By partnering with SeedLegals, you have the reassurance of offering extra services via a market leader. And with a more extensive set of services, even small practices can build a reputation as go-to accountants. One early adopter of SeedLegals is Peter Jarman, Partner at PJCO:

‘We’re now a one-stop shop for EMI, S/EIS and R&D tax relief. If we had to say to clients that we can’t do these services, it would feel like we’re letting them down by not providing a proper service. We rely on SeedLegals to be our specialist in the background. With the volume and speed that SeedLegals processes tasks for us, we’re offering more services to our small and micro-business owners, with faster-than-ever turnaround times.’

To find out more and book a call to explore partnering with SeedLegals, go to After that, get ready to stop saying ‘Sorry, we can’t do that’ and instead, ‘Sure! We’d love to help.’

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